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Big Bamboo Irish Moss Vanilla

24. August 2013 01:47 by Hamst3r in Soda

...AHHH! AHHH! Sweet Jesus no, just...no. Nuh-uh. What is this? Whatever it is, it's no good! I don't know what I was expecting here, but what a foul concoction it is. I bought this at the local Caribbean deli simply due to my attraction to all drinks unheard of. Well, let's start with the smell of it.

The smell is off-putting to say the least. It's a musty smell with hints of nuts and vanilla. Is there real moss in here? Yes, yes there is. The drink contains sea moss. As for the texture, it's thick like a protein shake and a little bit lumpy like tapioca.

As for the flavor, it tastes...just like it smells and looks. Musty, vanilla, nutty...I don't know what. Why is this a Caribbean favorite? Oh, "Big Bamboo", I get it. It's one of those weird folk remedy virility drinks. Anyway, it's gross. I recommend not drinking this.


Mr. Q. Cumber

28. June 2013 06:44 by Hamst3r in Soda

Cucumber Soda. You heard me. Well, guess what? It's crisp, refreshing and delicious. It actually tastes like a sweet cucumber. It's not too sweet either, but just the right amount of sweetness. The ingredients state that it contains natural cucumber flavor, so this is the real deal.

As the best and only cucumber soda I know of, I'd definitely like to get some more of it.



Spring Grove Root Beer

16. June 2013 07:58 by Hamst3r in Soda

Whoa, man. Now here's a special tasting root beer. It's very creamy, and incredibly frothy, with a nice floral aroma. Flavor-wise, there's a lot of spice in here, specifically what tastes (and feels!) like hot cinnamon. The floweriness isn't just part of the aroma either, it tastes a bit flowery as well.

There's a lot going on in this bottle and it tastes unlike any root beer I've had before. It's quite good and I will definitely be getting more!




Johnnie Ryan Root Beer

16. June 2013 07:49 by Hamst3r in Soda

A passable but underwhelming root beer. It tastes similar to a MUG brand root beer, which is to say it's okay, but nothing special. There's nothing particularly unique to point out or talk about.



Melba's Fixins Apple Pie Soda

10. April 2013 21:35 by Hamst3r in Soda

This definitely tastes like some sort of apple pie. It doesn't taste like the best apple pie I've ever had, but within the constraints of being a soft drink, I think it doing the best it can. The best any soda could possibly do to emulate an apple pie. It tastes like tart granny smith apples with cinnamon and perhaps caramel.

The apple flavor sticks out as being the most prominent flavor. Unfortunately it's also the most unconvincing flavor, tasting the most like candy instead of the real deal. Still, it evokes the taste of apple pie quite well and is good enough that I'd probably get it again.




Polar Classics Root Beer

9. April 2013 23:31 by Hamst3r in Soda

This Root Beer turned out to be a nice surprise, with a rich but not-too-sweet flavor. The flavor is most similar to a Henry Weinhard's Root Beer, with a pronounced honey taste and a hint of wintergreen cutting through the mix. Also where Weinhard's uses corn syrup, Polar uses can sugar.

I found the carbonation to be just about right, perhaps a bit on the light side, which is okay. Overall, a very nice Root Beer worth trying out.



MacFuddy Pepper Elixir

21. March 2013 00:07 by Hamst3r in Soda

Well here's a weird one. It tastes a lot like a cherry cola and in some respects like a Dr.Pepper, except with a way more aggressive flavor. This is combined with something that burns in my nostrils and the back of my throat, like a hot ginger beer would, presumably the pepper.

This is an incredibly sharp, highly carbonated, yet still very syrupy drink. If that sounds like a fun time to you, perhaps you should give this a try.



Barr Irn-Bru

13. March 2013 05:15 by Hamst3r in Soda

Here it is, the best-selling soda in Scotland. Scotland's "Other" National Drink, Irn-Bru (Iron Brew). The bottle says it's a citrus fruit flavored drink, but it actually tastes like bubble gum. You heard me. It has more in common with Goody Blue Pop than the Foxon Park Iron Brew knock-off.

There is indeed a hint of something citrus-y in there, as well as a few other elements, but all of them are completely overpowered by the bubble gum flavor. It tastes like Dubble Bubble gum, specifically.


Overall, I prefer Foxon Park's Iron Brew.



R-Pep Soda

22. November 2012 00:58 by Hamst3r in Soda

Is it a Dr.Pepper clone or is it a cream soda? Well, it's a bit of both. It's either the creamiest Dr.Pepper-like drink I've ever had or it's the darkest and most Dr.Peppery cream soda I've ever had. Either way, it's legitimately weird. This isn't to say it's bad though, far from it; I've simply never had this combination of flavors before.

The bottle I tried was a tad watery, so it looses some marks for that; but it's definitely one worth trying, especially if you're in seek of something unique.


Faygo Grape

6. November 2012 01:23 by Hamst3r in Soda

A pretty good grape soda that's better than Welch's and NEHI, but not as good as NuGrape. The grape taste is strong, but overly sweet and acidic. There's also a bit of a chemical aftertaste...it's almost unnoticeable, but it's there and it bothers me.

Overall, it's totally fine as far as grape sodas go, but definitely not my first choice.


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